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 Vatra Amidzich We had the day off from performing (Fire Dancing) and teaching AcroYoga at a resort on Camiguin Island in the Phillippines, so we took a ride around the whole island and fortunately I was rockin' my SHEATH Underwear which don't have a fly and look and fit like my yoga shorts, so they double as an awesome swimsuit in addition to being my favorite Underwear. 

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Cody the Crow Walker MMA Fighter- "I love the style of the new undies. Thank you so much"

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sheath underwear best mens underwearMichael Malott - Bellator MMA/Team Alpha Male -Since I started wearing Sheath Underwear, I now know exactly when it’s time to do laundry: when I run out of clean Sheaths.

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KEVIN PEREIRA-POINTLESS PODCAST @kpereira - Simple, Innovative, Comfort. I love this product..Got Balls? Try SHEATH Underwear 


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