About us

We are a passionate team dedicated to health, fitness and style who conceptualize products to help transform people's lives.

Supporting men's health and comfort is a serious matter, but there is no reason comfort should look bad. At SHEATH we feel looking your best means feeling your best.


 What more can we do......

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We have donated a few hundred pairs of SHEATH to Socks for Soldiers on several occasions....however as the war dies down and less soldiers are serving in those extreme desert conditions, we are looking closer to home to do some good within our area of operation; visa ve Underwear. We want to do more than simply profit off selling these wonderful SHEATH underwear, arguably, the best men's underwear. We want to give something back as well, so we are turning our efforts more local towards supplying people that can't afford new underwear. We are aiming our philanthropic efforts toward providing the homeless with fresh underwear and a fresh perspective. We have already begun the process but want to include you in this magnificent operation. I Robert Patton, who initiated this operation at a personal level can guarantee we will donate a small percentage of our unsold underwear each year to help those in need to the best of our ability. Based on personal experience of giving to individuals, when a homeless person receives new underwear, they are not discarded. After running into one of the individuals previously gifted some SHEATH, he attested that he had put them on a few days ago and was still wearing them. Currently we are donating to the Colorado Springs homeless and the Springs Rescue Mission. We will be happy to take your suggestions for local shelters in your community. Thank you for your participation.

Ninja Black SHEATH Underwear

As you may know we got our big push from Kickstarter1 and haven't looked back, but before Kickstarter2, it was just an idea.

This was the time and place of the invention. 2008 Summer Tikrit, Iraq. 

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