The 'Zen' Pouch

Engineered to the smallest detail, the Sheath 'Zen Pouch' has evolved over 5 years, continually improving an already superior design, to ensure a perfect fit. No fancy gimmicks or stretchy ties, the Sheath 'Zen Pouch' is designed for non intrusive functionality. True tranquility you only notice when it's gone. 


We have scoured the earth to find only the finest blends of material, to make sure we have the perfect design for any situation you may find yourself in. So, whether you buy our everyday comfort design (Sheath 2.0) with a 5% cotton blend, unbelievably soft to touch, or what we consider our sports model (Sheath 3.0) with moisture wicking technology, we have you covered (literally).


Let's be honest, there is nothing more important than comfort. We can babble on all day about our superb craftsmanship and fantastic design that ensures a tight to skin fit with no clumping whatsoever, but all you really want to know is how comfy it is. Well, we will tell you......both models are so comfy you will feel as if Scarlett Johansson is supporting you in ways you can only dream of. We could explain in more detail, however, comfort is something that you must experience.

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