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SHEATH Men's Dual Pouch Brief

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You asked and we listened. After much conceptualization and deliberation, we are proud to present to you our SHEATH Briefs. SHEATH Briefs are crafted from our luxury blend of 95% Modal and 5% Elastane fabric and feature a traditional legless Olympian design. We have equipped our Briefs with the latest in SHEATH innovation, the wondrous Dual Pouch. In terms of isolation from the thigh region, the Dual Pouch is similar to that of our classic Zen Pouch. What sets it apart, however, is that our Dual Pouch achieves an even higher level of comfort for those truly stifling days, coming equipped with a circular seamed urination hole that allows for a gentle and unobtrusive separation between the penis and testicles. Our Briefs are also equipped with a quick access fly for when nature calls. If you’re a classic man with classic taste, or if you just find that you prefer the legless style of underwear, then this is the SHEATH for you.

SHEATH Men's Brief - Dual Pouch Fly Underwear (Patent Pending)

New Features

  • 95% Modal 5% Elastane Midnight Fabric
  • Super Easy Access - Urination Fly
  • Increased flexibility of pouch
  • Circular Dual Pouch added for penis and ball separation option
  • Low-rise fabric covered waistband

Got Balls? Try SHEATH.