So many uses for such Versatile Underwear.

May 16, 2016

SHEATH Underwear is great for running because it keeps your junk in the right spot. Sometimes chafing can occur of the package is all over the place and sweating over a long period of time. SHEATH keeps you cool, dry, and from rubbing on your legs while you are trying to concentrate on running.

running sheath underwear

SHEATH Underwear is great for basketball because with all that juking and driving, you need to be focusing on the basketball and not the other balls that can be difficult to deal with in sports. This is why cups are needed in certain sports but SHEATH is more for the keeping you out of your own way, not really useful if you are getting rammed in the nutz by another fighter or football player.

            SHEATH Underwear BasketballSHEATH Underwear BasketballSHEATH Underwear mens pouch underwearKneel SHEATH Underwear

SHEATH Underwear is the best mens pouch underwear on the market. The only problem is many people don't know they exist so we are here to inform the public that a new style is available. Though they appear to be regular boxer briefs on the outside, we all know it is what is on the inside that truly matters. The inverted kangaroo pouch inside the underwear keeps the male package cool dry and tucked comfortably in the isolation pocket. 

Excalibur Blue SHEATH Underwear in the Dugout. Swing Batter batter sheath underwearSHEATH Underwear fits like a body glove. SHEATH Underwear baseball

SHEATH Underwear fits like a body glove for your package. Whether you are playing basketball, baseball, Tennis or any other sport. SHEATH is the best underwear for optimal performance.

 SHEATH Underwear playing tennisSHEATH Underwear tennis raquetSHEATH Underwear on the tennis courtSHEATH Underwear and tennis balls

Without exception our primary focus when exploiting our product is through the use of Mixed Martial Arts fighters. It comes as a natural thing since it is of general interest in our circles and the President of SHEATH happens to be a huge fan of the UFC and loves promoting the sport as well as participating in jujitsu sparring sessions when time and health allow. It can be such a damaging sport if you don't give yourself time to recover which as another reason why the sport is so intoxicating. These guys lay it all on the line every time they step into the cage. 

Kyle Nelson MMA SHEATH Underwear 

Cody The Crow Walker SHEATH UnderwearSuper Dave SHEATH UnderwearMichael Malott MMA SHEATH Underwear

Chris Brennan SHEATH Underwear

Peter Barrett MMA SHEATH Underwear

Older Brennan Bro SHEATH Underwear

Young Brennan SHEATH Underwear


There is nothing more primal that 2 men fighting for their pride like 2 rams bucking heads for rights to mate with the available females and trust that these Fighters, after they win, they get to mate all they want and this is the natural order of things. Fighters for the most part arent hurting in the ladies department. They are tough alpha male type  personalities and well, naturally we are so pleased to be sponsoring 5+ professional and 2 Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Fighters. Above are some pictures with links to their FB pages (Check them out and follow them) and we will be doing more in-depth coverage on the SHEATH Fight Team in months and years to come.

 We greatly appreciate your support. When you support SHEATH, you support the organization and its members (lol), our sponsored fighters, and homeless individuals in and around our surrounding cities though donations of Underwear to local charities. But most importantly, you are getting support for your balls. No one contemplates enough about that subject (except a few individuals and trust us, you don't want that job, we will handle it for you) but we got you covered with a nice hammock for your sack, a pocket for your crotch, an inverted kangaroo pouch for your joey,  to keep him from rearing his head out the bottom of your shorts lol. 

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Eliminate the Need to Adjust

October 11, 2016 0 Comments

The SHEATH acts like an inverted kangaroo pouch for your joey and your package goes in the pouch and it is free to fluctuate, and will move around naturally without sticking and unsticking and wedging between here and there.

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The Future of SHEATH Men's Pouch Underwear
The Future of SHEATH Men's Pouch Underwear

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there is NO Pouch in the Jockey Pouch. There was at one time concern for ALL the new underwear companies developing pouches only to find out there is no support in their pouches. Whether it is Saxx, which has no pouch or Mypackage, 2Under, and Stance, which all have pouches with identical designs to each other (not ours) and again no real support but act more as an irritation than a secure pouch for the male package.

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Your Underwear Says a Lot about You.
Your Underwear Says a Lot about You.

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SHEATH Underwear segregates the balls and shaft in a cozy pouch isolating the package from the inner thighs and taint creating a cool breezy environment for the groin by preventing rubbing, sticking, and sweaty swamp balls. When you don't have swamp balls, you are far more likely to maintain focus as you work to achieve your goals, Metaphorically speaking. 

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