SHEATH Presents: How to wear Male Underwear with Pouch

SHEATH Underwear is not like your average underwear. It is not even close to the Jockey Pouch, which doesn't even have a pouch. The SHEATH design includes a sizable inverted Kangaroo pouch sewn on the interior of the garment to isolate the male package from the inner thigh region where otherwise, things can become a hot mess in sticky situations. With the latest innovation of the addition of the male pouch designed by SHEATH, the once hottest region of the body becomes less heated and far more fresh after a long day. The male underwear pouch isolation feature which results in the genitals to be disengaged from skin to skin contact with the legs, providing a cooling effect that keeps you from embarrassing discomfort and reduces the need to readjust your situation.

Inside SHEATH, there is a sizable flexible pouch that your package will easily slide into when you slide the underwear on both legs and up toward your waist line. As you approach the waist, you would slide your junk into the pouch/holster and enjoy the ride. Simple as apple pie. Some new pouch underwear have strings and straps. That is an option that you may consider. Frigo and UFM. SHEATH is much more innovative and simple. The top seam of the pouch is blended with elastane and allows for flexibility during movement throughout the day not requiring additional strings or straps that may cause discomfort while sleeping or resting. The 3.2 SHEATH Midnight Black option is now available for pre-order will have a micro-elastane strip to sewn into the seam to increase secure placement of the male genitals. The 2.0 and 3.0 are have elastane blended into the fabric and the 3.2 will also, but include this new elastane strip for a ever so slight improvement. The 3.2 will also have a urination fly, which the 2.0, and 3.0 lack.

Like the Iphone 6, each previous version had a slightly better functionality than the one prior. This is how we plan to release SHEATH. We have and will continue to make minor improvement as we go along. The SHEATH 1 and 1.2 were good, but not great. We have since moved on and there is still much room for improvement. For instance, there are other fabrics that may perform better in various circumstances which we plan to offer in the future. There is also an option to blend silver into the fabric to block potentially harmful cellular signals from reaching your baby makers. Additionally, there are different cuts we want to try, briefs, boxers, etc, but as you may or may not know, we are an independent group of individuals led by a former Army Sergeant who developed the product, working toward the dream of success and we are not taking loans to get there. This is why we need your help. We have been and will continue to grow organically with our customers constant feedback to make our underwear the best they can be as we continue to grow and release new versions. Thank you. 

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