How to Tell When Your Underwear Fits Perfectly

We all want to look and feel great in our underwear. Whether anyone sees you in them or not, it's a major boost in confidence! But, how can you know for sure you'll look your best in a pair of underwear that you order online? Experts tell us the answer is to ensure a perfect fit! When you buy underwear online and it arrives at your doorstep, you'll be thrilled to put on your new pieces and see how fabulous you look. What a great feeling! You can make this happen for you by following a few tips and tricks. These include:

Tip #1 You've Measured Your Waist and Hips

Putting on a pair of underwear that is too tight makes you look squishy and feel terrible. Plus, it's pretty bad for the health of your private regions. Don't do that to yourself! Just as you would do when buying a pair of pants, you should ensure you have the correct measurements of your waist and hips when ordering underwear online. This is no time to think about what size you can maybe fit into on a good day or what size you wish you could be if you stick to your diet. When it comes to underwear, you need to be honest with yourself and that comes from looking at the exact numbers.

Tip #2 You Find a Flattering Design

No matter the shape or size of your body, there is always a pair of underwear that will fit you as they should. In our men's sizes, we offer everything from Small to XXXL. You may like a shorter inseam or if you're a bigger guy with larger legs, the 8-inch inseam boxer briefs may feel more comfortable. Women have multiple choices, from cheeky boyshorts to bikini briefs to women's boxer briefs. Each style is perfect for different body types and comfort styles. Women's underwear is offered from an Extra Small to an Extra Large.

Tip #3 You Feel Great Wearing Them

You know you've found a great pair of underwear when you feel comfortable and confident wearing them. The boost in self-esteem that comes with wearing anything that fits you just the way it is supposed to cannot be matched! This rise in self-esteem will lead to being more successful in just about every area of life, from asking for a raise to approaching a crush. You're ready to take on the world and look good doing it!

Sheath Underwear is some of the best-quality men's underwear and women's underwear available on the internet today. From the materials chosen to the expertly-crafted design, we do everything in our power to make sure the underwear that is shipped to your home is nothing short of the best. When you follow this advice and put your pair on for the first time, you'll love the way you look!

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