When Should You Throw Away Your Underwear?

The underwear you wear to workout has a tough job to do. You're moving, sweating, twisting, jumping, running, lifting, and getting really hot. During all of this, your underwear is working hard to be flexible, all while keeping you cool and as moisture-free as possible. Eventually, your undies need to retire and you'll need to buy new underwear again. The question is- when?

First, let's make one thing clear. There isn't an absolute rule for everyone and every pair of underwear. If you do a bit of Googling, you may find arbitrary rules like "you should refresh your supply of undergarments every six to 12 months." Don't worry! If you have a special pair you only pull out for date night, they don't need to be tossed after only a few uses. As long as you’re caring for your underwear and washing them after every use, there’s no germ-related reason to toss out your old underwear after some arbitrary period of time. They don't have an expiration date! If you are washing and disinfecting your underwear, and they’re mechanically functional, which means with no holes, and they’re not stained or soiled, you can keep them for as long as they stay in this condition. 

From a health perspective, there is no need to throw out your underwear every few months. It is true that washing machines may not kill all the organisms, however, there is something called "the inoculum effect" to consider. This means it takes a certain amount of organisms to cause an infection. Your washing machine will not leave behind enough bacteria to cause a problem for you; it will be truly microscopic levels.

So, what is the rule? When should you toss them? When a pair of underwear becomes frayed or the elastic stops working, you’ll know it is time to replace them. If you're wearing cheap underwear to the gym, this will happen a lot sooner than if you were wearing the best men's underwear or women's underwear. We're talking, of course, about Sheath Underwear!

Health experts tell us that there are certain materials that are not as breathable as others and, as a result, may increase the risk of infection or other vaginal health issues. Cotton, spandex, and bamboo blends are often the best. Synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, can contribute to increased moisture, which can increase the risk of itching and irritation. But, again, this isn't about how long you wear them; it's the type of fabric. Wearing lesser fabrics will result in replacing your underwear more often.

Underwear is not like toothbrushes. They don’t need to be replaced on a regular basis for bacterial reasons. As long as you're putting on a fresh pair of Sheath every day, wearing the right material for your workout, and washing them after every use, you can wear them until they’re old and dingy looking. When you're wearing Sheath Underwear, this won't happen for a long time!

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