What is the Best Color for Underwear?

If you've read our blog for long, you know we often talk about the best style, fit, and material for new underwear. Is that it, though? No way! We know that underwear is more than just a functional piece of clothing. There are aesthetics to consider as well. What about the color? Is one hue the best color for underwear, or is it pretty much up to the wearer?

The answer is a little bit of both. As the time has passed, tighty whities have lost their first place position and a whole new era of colorful underwear has come up. Even if people can't see the color of your underwear, it's important. Colors have a mental effect on you, which changes your energy. When you're working out, you want to feel your best. This means everything is perfect, right down to your underwear. 

What does each color mean?

  • Black: "I'm a classic and know what looks good"
  • Blue: "I'm trustworthy and self-reliant"
  • Red: "I'm sexy and an extrovert"
  • Grey: "I don't like extra frills and fancy stuff"
  • Green: "I care about others"
  • Aqua Green: "I'm calm and secure in myself"
  • Mauve: "I'm spiritual and sensitive" 
  • Yellow: "I'm fun, social, and intelligent"
  • White: "I'm clean, crisp, and fresh"
  • Orange: "I'm a great communicator and action orientated"
  • Pink: "I'm compassionate and I love romance"
  • Purple: "I am loyal"
  • Pale Blue: "I'm creative"
  • Gold: "Im expensive and noble"  
  • Silver: "I'm something special"
  • Patterns: "I know what looks good and I'm not afraid to wear it"

Black has been (and will always be!) the most loved underwear color, and for all the right reasons. This applies to both women and men. The color represents authority, sexiness, sophistication, and power. If you're like most people, you'd like all four of these qualities! That's not to say all of your underwear needs to be black, of course. Like black, the classic, clean white will never go out-of-fashion. Red is the color of love, secution, and pure confidence. It signifies passion, love, desire, lust, and the ability to get what you want. For this reason, it also depicts enthusiasm and confidence. This is exactly what you want to feel when you're working out, whether you're crushing your goals or working up the nerve to say hi to your gym crush.

If you've been feeling a little lacklustre lately, allow us to offer up an unusual tip that could prove life-changing. And all it takes is switching up the color of your underwear! When you're shopping for men's underwear and women's underwear online, you can find the right color for you in our online catalogue. We have the classics, like black and grey boxers. We also have fun options, like daring patterns and bold blue. Do you want army green bikini briefs, or perhaps purple paisley cheeky boyshorts? Whatever your mood is, we have the exercise underwear that matches perfectly!

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