How to Choose the Right Women's Underwear for Your Body Shape

We all want to look and feel great in our underwear. Whether anyone sees you in them or not, it's a major boost in confidence! This is why Sheath Underwear offers so many sizes and design styles. This way, there is something for everyone! Women have multiple choices, from cheeky boyshorts to bikini briefs to women's boxer briefs. Each style is perfect for different body types and comfort styles. Women's underwear is offered from an Extra Small to an Extra Large.

No matter the shape or size of your body, there is always a pair of underwear that will fit you as they should. All of this is great, but how do you know which is right for you and your unique body?

Body Type #1 Narrow Shoulder and Wide Hips

This is also sometimes referred to as being "pear shaped." You've got a great butt and want to show it off! Experts tell us that it’s best to choose underwear that broadens your shoulders and flatters your hips as this balances out your figure. Bikini briefs are the way to go! They are high-waisted, which gives the illusion of an hourglass figure, plus provides all the coverage you need to feel comfortable and confident. This style will keep your tummy tucked in and elongate your legs, plus control and shape your lower section.

Body Type #2 Straight Up and Down

Not all women were given curves and that's okay! All body shapes and sizes are gorgeous! If you’re slim and athletic, you probably have pretty narrow hips and shoulders. The best underwear that will fit and make you feel confident in your body is all about enhancing the bum area. Opt for underpants with details around the waist line. By boosting your assets, you create the illusion of a more defined waist and a more curvaceous silhouette. Women's boxer briefs are going to fight you perfectly!

Body Type #3 Curvy Hourglass

The best bras for the hourglass shape are those that draw attention to your bosom without overcompensating. Our signature sports bra is a great choice. When it comes to underwear, embrace your inner pin-up and accentuate that narrow waist and wider hips with a high-waisted, high-legged pair of cheeky boyshorts. We have crafted them using our signature modal/elastane fabric blend for a form-fitting breathability that is both comfortable and healthy. You'll look your best, and feel your best too!

When you follow this advice and put your pair on for the first time, you'll love the way you look! You know you've found a great pair of underwear when you feel comfortable and confident wearing them. The boost in self-esteem that comes with wearing anything that fits you just the way it is supposed to cannot be matched! 

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