How To Wash Underwear: A Quick Guide

Here at Sheath, we are proud of the fact that we manufacture and sell incredibly high-quality men's and women's underwear. From the materials chosen to the expertly-crafted design, we do everything in our power to make sure the underwear that is shipped to your home is nothing short of the best. But what about once you have it? If there's one sure fire way to destroy underwear, it is to wear it! That is why learning how to wash your underwear is so important! Without washing it the correct way, even the best-quality underwear won't look as good and stay in top condition for as long as it should. 

Here are a few tips in order to do this:

Tip #1 Make sure your underwear is clean before you put it in the washing machine

Wait- what? No, really! There's a lot of unpleasant body fluids that come into contact with your underwear when you wear it. You take off a pair, toss it into the hamper, and then eventually wash it… meanwhile, those stains are sitting on the fabric and setting in. Hand-washing your underwear quickly as soon as you take them off will help get stubborn stains out so they don't linger on forever after sitting, washing, and drying.

To wash your underwear in the sink, simply fill the sink basin with cold or lukewarm water mixed with a dose of detergent that is designed for washing delicate fabrics. Soak the underwear for 30 minutes, before swishing it around gently to loosen any dirt. Rinse the underwear thoroughly until you are sure that all the detergent has been removed. Gently squeeze out the underwear, without wringing too harshly. Now you've pre-removed any stains and they can be hygienically and totally cleaned by the washing machine.

Tip #2 Wash separately from the rest of your clothes.

Your underwear are special, and deserve a load of their own. Save up your underwear and other delicates until you have a load full and wash them together in the gentle cycle. For drying, place them in a special bag made especially for this type of laundry.

Tip #3 Avoid warm water!

Use cold water when you wash your undergarments. This will help prevent shrinking and fading due to exposure to extreme temperatures. Try to avoid hot water as much as possible. You may be thinking you won't be able to get them hygienically-clean and stain free in cold water. For one, this is why it is recommended to hand wash them in the sink to get stains out before they set. Also, laundry detergent manufacturers made special formulas to use in cold water washes that work just as well. You don't need hot water to get them clean!

The only thing left to know now is which underwear you're going to order! Shop our online catalogue now and find your favorite styles of men's underwear, women's underwear, and more.

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