4 Fun Facts About Athletic Underwear

Here at Sheath Underwear, we really love underwear. We're the underwear experts! Because we spend all day, every day learning all we can about underwear in order to design and create the best men's underwear and women's underwear available online, we know quite a bit about it.

For instance, did you know…

Underwear isn't just about privacy. When you're working out, it has a practical purpose!

According to health experts and healthcare professionals, you definitely should be wearing underwear when you exercise, whether you're running, playing basketball, at the gym, going to the fitness center, riding your bike, or doing anything else. Underwear that conforms to your body allows for a fuller range of movement and prevents seams from riding up uncomfortably. As well, it has a big impact on your health. Most people, both men and women, sweat to some degree while working out. Bacteria and yeast thrive in warm environments, like in between your legs. Wearing form-fitting underwear offers another layer to catch all of the sweat or wetness associated with your workout routine. You may experience discomfort from excessive perspiration while exercising if you don't have underwear on. 

Women can wear boxers too!

Who says women's underwear needs to be tight and uncomfortable? Not us, and not you either! Being comfortable is essential to your fitness routine. Women's boxer shorts were made for this! When you're working out, you want to be distracted by tight underwear. This makes women's boxer underwear the perfect item to grab from your underwear drawer. Our boxers are crafted with the active woman in mind. These boxers feature an extended leg length to provide full coverage of the bottom and a snug, reliable fit that won't ride up or wedge in even the most athletic situations. 

The material matters! 

You wouldn't wear a light cotton jacket in the dead of winter. You wouldn't sleep on wool sheets in the summer, right? When it comes to new underwear, you want to know exactly what materials you are buying. An important factor to remember is that the material next to your skin should be breathable, with moisture-wicking capabilities. Cotton and bamboo are considered the most exercise-friendly material to wear while working out. That is because these materials are both breathable and very lightweight. Silk or satin underwear will rub and cause irritation. 

You should be washing your underwear in cold water!

You may think it makes sense to make the water as hot as possible, so your undies get as clean as possible. In fact, washing your underwear too harshly will wear them out before they would otherwise need to be replaced. Use cold water on the delicate cycle in order to preserve the fabric and elastic as long as possible. 

When your underwear is right you can get back to focusing on crushing your exercise goals. At Sheath Underwear, we proudly present you with the opportunity to not only look your best, but feel your best too. 

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