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Greetings to the Underwear Universe. There are so many todos for us at SHEATH Underwear coming down the pipeline and we are writing to give you the old 411; an update on the situation. SHEATH is releasing a new design SUMMER 2016. We just did another drop of in Denver donating underwear to the needy. SHEATH is introducing DHL as our primary International Shipping option for orders over 50$ enhance trackability and improve delivery time. Inventory has been hard to maintain which is a blessing and a curse and we are working on that and lastly, We may introduce a female line. Thoughts?. 

As aforementioned, will be releasing the next version of SHEATH Zen pouch Underwear this summer and we are 97% ready. If everything goes as planned, pre-sales will commence next month once we get the final prototype to confirm perfection. The latest features include a urination fly that will not affect the comfort and support provided by the pouch but rather merely enhance urination functionality for those required to wear a utility belt at work; such as security guards and police officers to name a few. We have been informed that taking off their entire uniform in order to take a wiz is not worth the effort but would otherwise love the underwear. We do understand that a great deal of people do not use this urination fly option primarily for their non-user friendly design but either way we feel that adding the feature will not take away from the overall performance of the SHEATH pouch Underwear; The original pouch underwear. We are actually very excited for this release as we feel they are the best version of SHEATH to date. They will be comprised of the 95% Modal with 5% Elastane and the pouch will have an added feature; a tiny strip of elastic sewn into prevent coming out of the pouch. Lastly the Fabric will also cover the waistband as in our previous 2.0 model. We are working on a name but as of now, the new release will be labeled, the 3.2 SHEATH Zen Warrior Pouch Underwear. :)

In other NEWS, We recently donated another 300 pairs of Men's Boxer Briefs, SHEATH 1.0 underwear to the Hurley House in Denver, which provides a therapeutic safe haven for homeless addicts in the Denver Local area. This House is a part of a chain of houses designated to provide housing, therapy, and training for the homeless and mentally ill. We will continue to provide underwear to the needy as long as our business permits us to do sustainably. With the policy to donate one pair for every pair bought on at full price, we are keeping with our promise (and by full price we mean single pairs  bought at full price $20-$24. At this price we can afford to share the wealth with the less fortuante. 

Update on Shipping: We have recently introduced DHL Worldwide as a new shipping option for International orders over 50$. The cost is slightly more, but the service is 10 times better and we will split some of the cost during this transition. With door to door tracking and delivery speed as quick as three days in certain areas, we feel this option will greatly enhance the customer experience shopping for our product overseas. Our United Kingdom and Ireland orders will continue to be provided by our UK distribution center as inventory permits.

Speaking of Inventory" Inventory availability has been an issue over the past few months but we are going to get a hold of this wild horse and work hard to maintain all options in all colors and sizes. As for the moment, we are out of Medium's in Samurai Red, White Lotus, and Excalibur Blue. These should be replenished by early May. 

Lastly, We are not making this up: There has been great demand for us to introduce a female line for SHEATH Underwear and we are considering the option heavily as we feel it might bring a sense of excitement and chaos to the male dominated brand, which will of course double our customer base and potentially double or exponentially increase revenue and allow us to grow to provide better options for all. No they will not have a pouch. They will just be cute comfortable underwear for your girlfriend or wife, and if you have neither then you are also covered. We look forward to hearing your feedback on this, which will not happen prior to 2017 most likely. 

To recap, we will be releasing a new version of SHEATH called the 3.2 Zen Warrior Underwear. We have introduced DHL as a shipping option for International orders over 50$ to provide increased tracking and faster delivery time for all international orders other than UK and Ireland which will continue to be serviced by our UK affiliate distribution center. We are looking also to get listed on Amazon UK, Canada, and Mexico in the near future. We are available on Amazon prime for many of our individual. 

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