Which Are the Best Boxer Briefs for Sports?

Suzanne Sierra - December 28, 2022
best boxer briefs for sports

We check to make sure we have everything we need before working out: the right attire, the right location, and the right pre-workout meal, but what about the right underwear? Most individuals only consider how important it is to pick the right pair of boxer briefs before working out until they get a wedgie, feel their boxers slide down, or experience the dreaded chafing.

It's easy to tell if your boxers don't fit properly all around, but selecting a pair that can withstand your rigorous workout routine is not that simple. To save you time, we've compiled a list of the characteristics you should keep in mind when searching for the best boxer briefs for sports.

Are Boxer Briefs Good for Sports?

The underwear known as "boxer briefs" is a cross between boxer shorts and briefs; it is long in the leg but has a snug fit. While boxer briefs are traditionally considered men's underwear, they are also popular among women, so you'll see them marketed for both men and women.

Boxer briefs are popular among athletes because they offer a close fit without sacrificing comfort or support during exercise. They also provide a good balance between keeping everything in place and allowing for freedom of movement. The best boxer briefs for sports are those that provide compression, sweat-wicking fabric, flat seams, and a secure waistband.

At the end of the day, it's important to find underwear that feels comfortable for your specific body shape and size.

Qualities that Make a Boxer Brief Good for Sports

When picking out the best boxer briefs for sports, keep in mind that you should look for something that won't ride up during your workout (hence why it's important to opt for shorter styles) and won't bunch up or irritate your skin. Besides, you'll want to ensure that the material is breathable and moisture-wicking so that sweat won't become trapped between your skin and fabric.

Now let's talk fabric because it's among the most important qualities regarding boxer briefs. At SHEATH, we craft our boxer briefs with a signature 92% Modal / 8% Elastane fabric blend.

Modal is a beech tree-derived semi-synthetic fabric that is incredibly soft, has a smooth, glossy finish, drapes nicely, and resists creasing. Additionally, it's antimicrobial, breathable, and very flexible, making it perfect for working out.

Once you've found a pair of boxers that meet these criteria, it's time to put them to the test! So go ahead and hit the gym to see how they fit and feel. With the right pair of boxer briefs, you'll be ready to take on any workout.

Best SHEATH Boxer Briefs for Sports

At SHEATH, our lineup of boxer briefs has been designed with athletes in mind. From the premium fabric to the performance-driven design, we have all the features you need for a great workout. Below, we'll list our top picks for the best boxer briefs for sports:

Limited Edition SHEATH V Dynamite 8" Sports Performance Boxer Brief

limited edition sheath v dynamite

These ultra-light boxer briefs are designed with a special performance fabric that is ideal for sports. Featuring an 8" inseam and an isolative dual pouch to prevent chafing, these boxer briefs provide maximum comfort for even the most intense workouts.

SHEATH V AirFlow 8-Inch Sports Performance Boxer Brief

sheath v airflow boxer brief

With the unrivaled flexibility and breathability of our AirFlow Polyamide Mesh blend, the SHEATH V AirFlow Boxer Brief raises SHEATH's comfort and performance to a new level. Its lightweight, breathable material keeps you cool and dry, while the 8" inseam guarantees a comfortable, unrestrictive fit.

SHEATH V Bamboo Men's 8" Sports Performance Boxer Brief

sheath v bamboo

Our SHEATH V Bamboo Boxer Brief is crafted with a super soft bamboo fabric blend, making it the perfect choice for athletes who are looking for a lightweight, comfortable alternative to traditional sports performance wear.

SHEATH Women's AirFlow Boxer Brief

sheath women airflow boxer brief

Made with our signature AirFlow Polyamide Mesh blend, this pair of boxer briefs was designed with the female athlete in mind. It provides superior breathability and flexibility, while the 8" inseam ensures maximum comfort and mobility during your workout.

Experience the Peak of Underwear Comfort

At SHEATH, we understand that finding the right athletic underwear is essential to achieving peak performance. That's why we've created a line of boxer briefs that combines the best in comfort, performance, and style. So what are you waiting for? Try out a pair of our boxer briefs today and see the difference for yourself!

We specifically designed Sheath Underwear for athletes just like you. When it comes to underwear, there is nothing more important than comfort. We have searched the globe, leaving no stone unturned in order to find the most exquisite blends of quality fabrics to use in our products. Our men's underwear is more than just comfortable, though. They're also thoughtfully designed. You won't find our "zen pouch" anywhere else! Unlike other underwear designed for a similar purpose, we are proud to provide a revolutionary underwear design that avoids the use of drawstrings, intrusive linings, and pinching seams that you will find in many of the competing brands.

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