Help Choosing the Right Women's Underwear

Ana Morales - November 10, 2021

Choosing the right women's underwear

Women have many choices in their underwear. While this is a great thing if you're someone who wants her options, it can also be a little overwhelming. It makes it feel difficult to choose the right women's underwear for the right moment. As industry experts, we're here to help!

Choosing the Right Women's Underwear

Often, it is best to decide on your underwear based on what you expect to be doing that day. Wearing frilly lingerie to the gym sounds pretty uncomfortable, right? Absolutely! 

Going to the gym- When it comes to your workout, you're going to want to feel as comfortable as possible. You want your underwear to allow you to breathe and move with ease. A pair of Sheath bikini briefs is perfect, because they're specifically made for this! Bikini briefs sit very low, below the hip bone, and often just cover the top of your bottom end. They're ideal for full coverage, without feeling bulky or in the way. We have crafted our bikini briefs using our signature modal/elastane fabric blend for a form-fitting breathability that will not affect your vagina’s natural pH environment or the microclimate of the skin while producing that long-lasting, unimpeded comfort that has become synonymous with our brand. Don't forget your sports bra!

Wanting to feel sexy- When it comes to feeling sexy, it's all about confidence. The style that makes you feel the best about yourself is going to be what you look the most sexy in. Why not choose underwear in a bold pattern, like these Cheeky Boyshorts in Flower of Life print? Of course, you can't NOT feel sexy wearing black!

Wearing a skirt- Coverage is the name of the game when you're choosing women's underwear to go under a dress. We recommend boyshorts. These are a full-coverage option that are perfect for keeping yourself confident, even in gusts of wind. This style of underwear is especially helpful for round or hourglass-shaped women, who have a larger bottom area that needs more coverage. If bikini briefs turn into a thong for you, you're going to want to wear boyshorts under your dress!

Sleeping- You need your full eight hours of sleep every night, which means your choice in pajamas affects your health and happiness. Your underwear matters here too! A pair of stretchy women's boxer briefs delivers the comfort you are looking for. Go up a size, and they will fit even more comfortably.

The Best Women's Underwear Comes From Sheath

Every woman is different. You're going to want to choose your underwear based on what you plan on doing, your body type, your preferences, and what makes you feel comfortable. We want you to look and feel your best! That's the kind of confidence that wearing the right underwear provides.