Get Your Underwear Hand-Picked by Donald Cerrone

Suzanne Sierra - February 21, 2023
donald cerrone underwear

If we had to describe Donald Cerrone in three words, those would be (a bad motherf!@#$@@) athletic, professional, and manly. For more than a decade, the "Cowboy" Cerrone cultivated a legendary career in mixed martial arts that got him into the UFC Hall of Fame, achieving outstanding records such as the 36-17-0 pro-MMA.

Throughout his career, he was known as a versatile, strong, and unorthodox opponent who was ready for short-notice and main-event fights. Today, Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone is retired from the octagon, but he's far from having an inactive lifestyle. As a matter of fact, he is now focusing on his family and the BMF Ranch, a project he has built up with his bare hands.

The BMF Ranch is a property in Edgewood, New Mexico, aimed to provide a space for visiting trainers and sparring partners, hold short summer camps for kids, and raise animals while spending quality time with his loved ones. He also has endless outdoor activities, from paintball to cattle roping to snowmobiling.

Part of his daily activities involves a lot of sweat and labor on the ranch, and that wouldn't be possible if he didn’t have comfortable, flexible, and breathable underwear. For that reason, we pride ourselves on being Donald Cerrone’s underwear of choice and announcing Donald Cerrone's SHEATH design, inspired and hand-selected by Donald himself.

SHEATH V - Cerrone Red

What Model Is Used for Donald Cerrone's Underwear?

Strong routines require strong and special underwear designed to support all kinds of physical activity. Our SHEATH Donald Cerrone underwear line offers unrivaled endurance-enhancing comfort and support.

One detail we can’t avoid mentioning is that before announcing this line, we passed through a strict picking process side by side with Donald Cerrone so that he could choose those features that best combine with the “Cowboy” way of life.

These are some of the features to highlight about the Donald Cerrone underwear V modal:

  • Isolative dual pouch to eliminate friction
  • It helps with groin blood flow
  • Modal fabric blend to ensure long-lasting comfort and moisture relief
  • 8" Inseam - Sports Performance Leg Length, Low Thigh
  • Dual Pouch w/ Vertical Fly
  • 92% Modal / 8% Elastane
  • Geometric and aesthetic athletic waistband

Why Get Donald Cerrone Underwear?

The answer to this question has pretty much been answered in everything we mentioned above, but if you still wonder why the new Donald Cerrone underwear line is the best choice, just think about this: if our underwear was not actually good, do you think that a man that used to accept fights against the UFC's top-ranked fighters on short notice time would be willing to wear SHEATH every day? We don’t think so.

If you want to live your masculinity to the fullest while looking fresh and feeling cozy with your skin, then this is the perfect choice for you!

Coming March 15

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Get this exclusive line starting March 15, and benefit from the real supportive underwear experience.