A Brief History of SHEATH Underwear

Matthew McNulty - June 12, 2018

A Brief History of SHEATH Underwear

Sheath Underwear started in the sweltering heat of Iraq. It was 2008 and Sergeant Robert Patton wasn’t happy with the Army issue cotton underwear the military wanted him to wear. The daytime temperature in Iraq can exceed 100 degrees in the summertime, and his underwear would become drenched with sweat. Robert’s balls often stuck to his inner thigh from all the heat and sweat. He tried a temporary solution: sticking a towel under his crotch. “Why,” he wondered, “is military-issued underwear so inadequate?”

That’s when the idea for a separate compartment for his crotch dawned on him. After his discharge from Iraq, he had multiple pairs of underwear custom made. Robert then spent a year with a Vietnamese tailor to design his vision. In 2013, Robert raised 20,000 dollars from a Kickstarter campaign to fund Sheath Underwear. Sheath has grown to include women’s underwear as well as men’s lines.

Sheath underwear is made from 92% Modal and 8% Midnight Elastane fabric for comfort and moisture prevention. Satisfied customers often remark how comfortable and form fitting Robert’s underwear is. One of Sheath’s latest innovations is the Dual Pouch, which separates the penis from the testicles for maximum support and comfort.

Robert believes in giving back. Sheath underwear has donated over a thousand pairs of underwear to the Colorado Springs Rescue Mission, the San Antonio Rescue Mission and Socks for Soldiers. His company has sponsored youth events and organizations such as the Southern Colorado Junior Bass League and Early Connections Learning Centers. Robert has credited his success to the motivational videos of Joe Rogan and the writings of Napoleon Hill.